Revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations: The Role of Predictive Maintenance in the Industry

Predictive maintenance is a game-changing strategy for the manufacturing industry, allowing companies to optimize their operations and reduce costly downtime. Unlike traditional reactive maintenance, which only addresses issues when they occur, predictive maintenance uses data and analytics to predict when equipment requires maintenance. By proactively addressing maintenance needs, manufacturers can schedule maintenance during planned downtime, […]

AR in manufacturing – how it works and why you need it

Augmented reality is the integration of digitally-created software and imagery with the user’s environment. It has quickly become one of the most popular uses for virtual technology, as AR allows users to see digital information and data overlaid on top of a physical space. In manufacturing, AR solutions are being used to enhance factories, warehouses, […]

What is Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2?

Google Glass is the revolutionary wearable computer that puts information right in front of you. It’s the first of its kind, allowing users to take pictures and videos, see detailed maps, access the Internet and more with just a glance. Now anyone can enjoy this future — whether you’re in tech or not. Google Glass […]

Microsoft HoloLens – What’s new?

Microsoft’s second take on virtual reality is here and it has some impressive technology. The new HoloLens 2 headset features a more accessible design, a built-in camera for 3D scanning and other AR applications, and better field of view optics to keep everything in focus. You can now get up to four hours of battery […]

What is remote assistance?

Remote assistance AR is a great way to help users get their tasks done and avoid common pitfalls. However, it can be challenging to implement and maintain. This article covers everything you need to know about remote assistance within Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and vROps. Remote support in Teams is available in all modern […]

Augmented Reality: The Future of the Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution has changed the way people live and work across the globe. It has also changed the way we consume information. The era of the internet, smartphones and other developments in technology have led to a paradigm shift in how modern society operates. With this new and changing world comes a new revolution: […]

How To Develop Games With Unity

How To Develop Games With Unity ‍ Unity is one of the most popular game development engines today. It’s used by developers of all skill levels to create games and interactive experiences. Unity is free and open source, so anyone can access it and use it to develop games. Unity is a powerful game engine […]

Augmented Reality in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Future of Oilfield Technology

The oil and gas industry is ripe for AR, considering the role it plays in every aspect of working for an oil company. There are many different ways that AR can be utilized within the industry, from using it to enhance various tasks workers must perform on a daily basis, to automating processes with little […]